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YJP of the Valley Chanukah Unplugged!



Title: YJP of the Valley Chanukah Unplugged!

Location: La Maison Lounge, 11608 Ventura Blvd, Studio City CA 91604
Link out: Click here
Description: Young Jewish Professionals of the Valley invites you to..
Chanukah Unplugged! @LaMaisonLounge
Featuring ‘The Moshav Band’ – World acclaimed Jewish Rock Band!
It’s that time of year!! YJP of the V’s Chanukah party has found a new home! Join us as we celebrate the beautiful festival of lights in style @La Maison Lounge, Studio City. Come with you friends, dance the night away with the band and (then later) DJ! Grab a drink, or two;) from the open bar, pick up a delicious appetizer being passed around at your convenience, and experience the joy and inspiration of this Holiday in an electrifying atmosphere with 100’s of young adults (singles and couples) from the Valley and surrounding areas.

Live performance by The Moshav Band
DJ Yoav
Premium Open Bar
Fine H’or Deouvres
Gourmet Latkes Tasting
Menorah Lighting
Complimentary Valet Parking
Stunning Venue

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, December 18th @9:00pm

LOCATION: La Maison Lounge, 11608 Ventura Blvd, Studio City CA 91604

Entree: $40, $50,
At the Door: $60


Register NOW for best value!
Start Time: 9:00
Date: 2014-12-18


channukah YJP

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Issue 3

Words of Wisdom: Melech (King)



מלך (MeLeCH)- King

The Hebrew word for King is מלך (MeLeCH). According to ancient Hebrew wisdom, MeLeCH is an acronym for Moach (Brain), Lev (Heart), and Caved(Liver), in that order.

An insight that can be gleaned from this order is that a true king is someone who first thinks and guides his actions by his intellect (Moach/ Brain), then by his emotions (Lev / Heart) and lastly by his physical desires (Caved/ Liver, is understood as the source of physical desires).

Man, who has been dubbed the “King of beasts”, as the “ultimate homo sapien” (meaning “wise man” in Latin), and who has been made in the image of the ultimate Supreme, can and should allow his wisdom to guide his emotions. This hierarchy of priorities is also reflected in the vertical stance of our very design, with our brain being the highest part of our bodies, the heart below the brain, and the liver below them both.

In contrast, in a four-legged animal’s body, the three are nearly on the same level. Thus, a person is “acting like an animal” when his mind can not exercise its authority over his heart, and his physical desires triumph over his rational intellect and his emotions.

The same ancient insight helps us understand the reverse. What happens when the word for king (מלך) is read backwards and when one first acts with his Caved (physical desires) then with his Lev (emotion) and lastly with his Moach (intellect)?  You get the word כלם CLooM, which in Hebrew means a calamity or nothingness. A king can be absolutely great or absolutely disastrous simply depending on what guides him.

As we go on everyday working in our jobs, or running our businesses or dealing with our family, spouses and partners, it will serve us well to remember what direction and hierarchy can help set us apart and transform us into kings and masters over our lives and daily dealings.

Considering this new insight, we may now be able to shed some additional light on the holiday of Chanukah. This holiday has always been celebrated for the miracles associated with it. However, it was also regarded as a pseudo philosophical victory over the Greeks who influenced the world as a primary world power. The Greek way of life and philosophy put heavy emphasis on all of the above components of MeLeCh. They attributed importance to philosophy and thought (Moach), emotions and art (Lev), and desires and beauty (Caved). This influence has continued even in our times, where each of the above areas are independently flourishing around us. Although the Greeks were successful in all of these categories independently, perhaps their mistaken ideology was that they attributed equal or disproportionate importance to them, and failed to connect any spiritual significance to them as an integrated whole. The Jewish ideology, on the other hand, believes in the need and importance of all of these areas in our lives, but instead puts emphasis on their correct order. It is through order and an overall spiritual significance of all three components of MeLeCh that light truly shines.

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Hanukkah…



Daily Habits That DON’T Apply On These 8 DaysBlowing it Out -

1. Blow out the candles

latkes and suf

2. Skip out on the fried food (Latkes and Sufganiyot)


3. Mistake Jewish Gelt for a bad thing…


happy channukah

4. Sound out your words (or trust your spelling)


5. Think you are beyond alphabet games

sing sing

7. Stop yourself from singing, even if you’re tone-deaf

driedel song


child competition

8. Buy individualized presents for the kids

menorah manners

9. Forget your [menorah] manners…


10. Doing it without understanding it.

Hanukkah, literally meaning “dedication”, is a meaningful holiday and a victory of the Israelites. While you gather with family and stuff your face with latkes, remember your history and enjoy every minute of it!

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Ohr La Channukah Party: “A Chanukah Party You Will Never Forget”



Location: 7269 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles 90036
Link out: Click here
Description: If you want to truly experience a unique celebration with delicious fully catered food, live music from La’s prime DJ YOAV GABAY and an exceptional show with MARC SALEM, the world famous mesmerizing mind game expert plus meet LA’s premier singles, then you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS PARTY!!
Come and join us for an unprecedented evening.

Remember to follow OHR LA#Instagram @ and Like OHR LA on #Facebook @
Start Time: 5:30
Date: 2014-12-21

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