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Historically speaking, scribes were our only vehicle to pass on our beautiful heritage and legacy to Jews that were not in our immediate vicinity.  Being the “People of The Book” is a testament to our emphasis on reading and writing to tell our narrative to everyone that would like to listen.

In our modern world, a group of talented young professionals have gotten together to be “The Skribe” of our community; a platform to voice our ideas, perspectives, and concerns . Please join us!


The Skribe’s mission is to be the preeminent resource for the quality reporting and analysis of the contemporary issues and trends that impact Jewish Young Professionals of Southern California and beyond.

We seek to distill information, synthesize solutions and provide a holistic vision of issues that affect the community, along with reporting of community events.

Fundamental to our vision are the following principles that will guide our direction:

  • Promote awareness and knowledge of Israel, Jewish Thought and Culture
  • Create a professional and positive impact in the broader community
  • Celebrate creativity, balance, humor, and connectedness
  • Empower the voice community member

The Skribe is a completely not-for-profit publication that is run by an independent group of like-minded volunteers. We are not funded, supervised or controlled by any organization or synagogue.


No Implied Endorsement (The Legal Stuff)

The Skribe does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the quality, accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of any information, product or service represented within our magazine or website. The information provided is for entertainment purposes only. Anyone using the information provided by The Skribe, whether medical, legal, business, professional, personal or other, does so at their own risk, and by using such information agrees to indemnify The Skribe from any and all liability, loss, injury, damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees and expenses) arising from such use.

The Skribe does not endorse or recommend any lifestyle, product, service, establishment, or event.  It also does not endorse any views or information contained within its articles. The views and opinions of the authors featured in The Skribe belong to the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Skribe or its staff.

Links to other websites from The Skribe or its website are provided for convenience only. The Skribe is not responsible for the content or availability of any external or 3rd party sites and does not warrant or guarantee the products, services, or information found on these sites.

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